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Circular Hollow Section - Tube (CHS)

Cold Formed Round Tube section in varying sizes. Hot Finished available in certain sizes

Available in the following Grade
S235 (Ex Stock)
Some sizes Available in S355J2H for Structural purposes

Sizes Ex Stock 7.5m Lengths
21.3 O/D x 3mm
26.9 O/D x 3mm
33.7 O/D x 3, 4mm
42.4 O/D x 3, 4mm
48.3 O/D x 3, 4, 5mm
60.3 O/D x 3, 4, 5mm
76.1 O/D x 3, 4, 5mm
88.9 O/D x 3, 4, 5mm
101.6 O/D x 3, 6mm
114.3 O/D x 3.5, 5, 6mm
139.7 O/D x 5, 6mm
168.3 O/D x 5, 6, 8,10mm
193.7 O/D x 5, 6mm

Full Cutting Services available
Also available in 10 and 12m Lengths

See Data Sheet below for all other sizes available to Order