At our Wymondham site we have an extensive range of steel fabrication equipment allowing us to offer a full fabrication service.

Standley Steel offers expert advice on all of the services we provide, whether through ourselves or our third party suppliers.

Through many years experience we have built up a network of reliable and trusted suppliers to offer the extra value our customers have come to expect.

Hole Punching (Multiworker)
Standley Steel Hole Punch

Our Piranha 50 Tonne Multiworker is able to accurately Punch Holes and Slots etc in Mild Steel up to 20mm thickness,with a single maximum hole size of 20mm. It s possible to increase hole size with a reduction in thickness of material.

The Capabilities of its 50 Tonne pressure means that it will Notch to 6mm thickness, Guillotine to 25mm thickness at a width of 100mm or 15mm thickness at a width of 200mm. It s possible to increase thickness upto 25mm with a reduction in width of material.

It will also Guillotine Angle to 100x100x12mm and flat to 200x15mm.